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Going Back in Time

I may not have been around for the Swinging ‘60s (I’m not that old!), but there’s a lot to love about the generation – Twiggy, white go-go boots, Balenciaga, the Beatles, Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, and of course, bags! This was the decade when women finally broke out of the tweed jacket/chain bag combo and embraced their personal style. See which iconic pieces they did it with…Mulberry Willow Leather Tote

Mulberry’s Willow is the ultimate office to evening accessory – namely because it’s two in one (a work tote and an envelope clutch)! Sometimes a bag needs more flash for me to fall in love, yet here the function is what has me oohing and ahhing. Bring the tote to work, then at the end of the day, remove the front pouch with a couple of quick zips and you’re ready to play. It’s not one of those tiny, useless pouches, either – the generous size makes it a great choice even for daytime. Zipper edges give the clutch a unique look on its own, but keep in mind that you can’t carry the tote without it reattached (it would look like something’s missing). Since Kate Moss debuted the first Willow last year, it’s become available in a number of delicious hues, and I’m going with mushroom. The neutral will look great year-round, making an already versatile bag even more wearable! Going Back in Time

Psychedelic Pucci Bag
You didn’t need to take LSD in the ‘60s to have a psychedelic experience – you just needed to buy a Pucci ! Rainbow velvet bags are hard to come by these days, so for a Frugal find, try Moyna’s colorful sequined clutch.

Going Back in Time

Courrèges Mod Bag

André Courrèges helped propel the Mod trend to full-on mania with his 1964 “Space Age” collection – think bright colors, geometric shapes, and PVC mini skirts (he and Mary Quant both claim to have invented the mini!). This orange tote is an update on one of his best-selling bags from the time. For a modern take on the style, check out Furla’s rubber satchel.
Going Back in Time

Mary Quant Flower Bag

This was the flower power generation – blossoms flourished all throughout fashion. The daisy was Mary Quant’s logo, but Betsey Johnson (herself a member of Andy Warhol’s Factory scene) is also no stranger to florals. Satisfy your inner flower child with her Having a Field Daisy bag.

Going Back in Time

Paco Rabanne Chainmail Bag
Chainmail may not be the most sensible thing to design a bag out of, but the success of Paco Rabanne’s Le 69 – named for the year it was released – was undeniable. If it’s a little too hefty for you (in price and weight), Laura B has a Disco bag alternative with some added python for good measure.

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Take your mind back to the Balenciaga Ray Doctor Bag, from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, you remember? The design; very elegant, modernized, no shoulder strap and the handles… they’re way too stiff for casual days.

One girl commented: ‘Too big for evening and too small for work. Other responded: ‘It’s amazing, unique, and edgy, there is a chance that it will become classic’. A mix of opinions and feelings, I can understand though. I mean, Balenciaga has dominated on the field of motorcycle bags, many fans are loyal and suddenly a new taste popped out.

However, I’d think it’s time for Balenciaga to introduce more variation of bags besides the classic’s, I mean the brand is amazing and well known.

And so, for those who turn their back to the Ray Doctor Bag, everything deserves a second chance right? Having that said, please meet the new Balenciaga Tote Bag from the Fall winter 2014 Collection.

Do notice; a few elements have been copied from the Ray Doctor Bag, like the metal from on the front, printed with the signature Balenciaga.

Furthermore, this bag comes in variations of colors like blue and brown, even in exotic crocodile leather for the ultimate luxury appeal. The metal handles are linked to the signature plate and they are purposely made thin to look feminine.

So far, no news about the prices yet, but we will keep you informed. Let us know what you think, is Balenciaga heading to the right path?



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Goyard Saint Louis – The Tote of All Totes

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The Goyard Saint Louis Tote has been on my shopping list for some time. I purchased one for my sister back in May from Barney’s, but could not come to a decision as to the best size for my personal needs. My sister shared with me how much she enjoyed her PM that adding one to my collection was soon inevitable. The only lingering questions were what size and what color to buy? It was in Paris with the girls when I finally made my decision.

Let’s talk about the sizes of the legendary tote. There is a GM and a PM. In my mind they each have distinctly different purposes.

The Saint Louis is the quintessential “hold everything” tote. It has almost no structure, but its basic silhouette and overall lightness makes it extremely versatile. The canvas material, composed from cotton, hemp, and linen, is waterproof and easily cleaned adding to its durability.

Goyard Saint Louis GM Best Uses:

  • Travel Bag: It can easily store a laptop, another bag and accessories, or clothing items.
  • Beach Bag:  The waterproof material makes the Saint Louis perfect for a beach or pool setting. It can easily fit towels, sandals, and outdoor products.

Goyard Saint Louis PM Best Uses:

  • Everyday Bag: It can easily store a wallet, makeup bags, sunglasses, and keys with a little extra wiggle room.
  • Errand Bag: It can easily hold loose papers or a small notebook along with other daily essentials when you’re on the run.

Purchasing my tote from the Goyard mothership made for another extra special shopping memory in Paris. Follow #pursebopgoestoPARIS on IG.

Not to mention the savings buying it in France made it worthwhile to wait for my trip.

Goyard Saint Louis GM

Region Saint Louis GM
USA $1,795
Europe €1,200
VAT Refund (approx. 10%) - €120
Cost after VAT €1,080
USD Equivalent $1,170

Goyard Saint Louis PM

Region Saint Louis PM
USA $1,560
Europe €1,040
VAT Refund (approx. 10%) - €104
Cost after VAT €936
USD Equivalent $1,014



I had never seen the beautiful brown exterior packaging. I was only familiar with the yellow dust bag and tissue that came with our Barney’s PM tote for my sister. Snapped a few pictures while packing for my departure from Paris.




In deciding the ideal size for my needs I asked myself :

  • “when would I use this? “,
  • “what type of places would I take it? “,
  • “what would I need to be able to fit into my tote?”

My answers to my questions:

  • I would use it mostly for travel, road trips, likely shorter domestic flights as there is no zip
  • I could see myself taking it to FL, any beach vacation and somehow I envisioned warmer climates.
  • As the tote alone would never be my only handbag for travel, I carefully considered all the sizes of the other bags the tote would need carry.

Taking my Goyard GM tote on her maiden voyage to Washington DC. Accessories for the trip and tote contents: Birkin35, Smal Chanel Boy Bag, Hermes Shawl, New Hermes Leather Beret from the Paris H Sale.

Packing for Washington DC: the tote will make it’s maiden voyage fully loaded with my Lady B Vermillion Birkin (details here), Chanel boy bag (details here), Hermes shawl (details here), leather beret from the Hermes Paris sale (details here).


The birkin35 would be the largest handbag I would need to carry from my collection and it comfortably fits in the GM tote.


The B35 fits very comfortably in the Goyard GM tote.


Close -up of bag details. Hermes Vermillion Birkin35. GHW, Hermes So Black Rodeo Charm, Laduree Large Macaroon Key Charm.

Let’s do some Handbag Math…

Goyard Saint Louis GM Price in US: $1,795
Goyard Saint Louis GM Price in Europe: €1,200

Total Price in US: $1,795 + $184 (tax 10.25%) = $1,979 total
Total Price in Europe: €1,200 – €120 (VAT refund 10%) = €1,080 = $1,170 total
What I saved: $1,979 – $1,170 = $809 (~41% savings)


TSA check point, the birkin travels through security safely tucked into my GM tote.


Tote with birkin inside sits comfortably on the rolling carry-on. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport DCA.


Tote sitting safe in the seat in front of me. Chanel boy bag inside the birkin.

I think my next visit to France I might pick up the Anjou Reversible Tote in the PM size as a casual daily bag.  I really liked the leather lining, and it was a  fantastic option, but considerably pricier for a bag to  just carry another bag!

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Christian Louboutin Spotted Calf Hair Paloma Tote Bag

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Grandma-meets-Bohemian Chic: Gucci Needlepoint Embroidery Bamboo Tote


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Kate Spade Lily Avenue Carrigan Tote

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