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At Louis Vuitton, there is never lack of new handbags. This French house stays ahead of the curve by innovating and improving. Here’s another beauty that has just been released for the Fall 2017 Collection, meet the caual-chic Louis Vuitton Sulpice Bag. It’s a sophisticated choice for day to evening and it’s composed of the house’s classic elements.

The first thing you will notice is the royal Monogram Empreinte Leather, which is the new modern style of the Classic Monogram Canvas and it has been released not long ago. The Monogram has been melted together with the leather and it’s crafted with the exact same color. It feels modernized, especially with the triangle-shaped lock on the front, which is another new design. This metal lock is decorated with two studs and features the LV logo in circle. The golden hardware makes it even more shiny and attractive, especially if you choose the bag in the color black. This bag is made with a front flap and a smooth leather strap in the center that connects to the golden lock. It also comes with extra long jewel-like sliding chain for shoulder carry or cross body carry.

The Louis Vuitton Saint Sulpice Bag is quite roomy for a shoulder bag. It’s made with embossed cowhide leather and smooth cowhide leather trim. Inside you can find one compartment, flat pocket to store your daily necessities. It measures 9.8’ x 6.5’ x 3.5’ inches and is priced at $2660 USD, €1980 euro, £1840 GBP, $3200 CAD, $3550 AUD, ¥313200 JPY, ¥20300 CNY Via Louis Vuitton boutiques.




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It has been criticized that the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote is very similar to the Hermes Birkin, but nevertheless, it’s been well received in the bag-obsessed ladies. Perhaps because of its impeccable elegance or because its been hand-crafted in Italy (we love Italian Artisans!).

Now, even the newbies has heard about the Sac de Jour Tote, it’s sized in medium, it’s sized in small and recently we found out that it’s also sized in ‘baby’. Yes, the smallest was size the baby and how we love this mini bag.

The baby size is lovely, it’s ideal whenever you don’t feel like carrying an oversized handbag but still want to tote your day. It’s also perfect for the evening diners or when you’re on a date. But after Saint Laurent released their latest Psych Rock Collection, we discovered that the ‘Sac de Jour Tote’ is also made in ‘Nano size’. Yes, it’s even smaller, can you belief that?

The Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour tote is so-tiny that you can carry it with just one hand. It’s like a large purse, but not yet the size like the Wallet on Chains. This signature Saint Laurent Bag comes with tubular handles, accordion sides and compression strap with tabs. It’s embossed with Saint Laurent signature on the front and comes with a removable strap.

Crafted from calf leather, measuring 22 x 18 x 11 cm.










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Goyard Saint Louis – The Tote of All Totes

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The Goyard Saint Louis Tote has been on my shopping list for some time. I purchased one for my sister back in May from Barney’s, but could not come to a decision as to the best size for my personal needs. My sister shared with me how much she enjoyed her PM that adding one to my collection was soon inevitable. The only lingering questions were what size and what color to buy? It was in Paris with the girls when I finally made my decision.

Let’s talk about the sizes of the legendary tote. There is a GM and a PM. In my mind they each have distinctly different purposes.

The Saint Louis is the quintessential “hold everything” tote. It has almost no structure, but its basic silhouette and overall lightness makes it extremely versatile. The canvas material, composed from cotton, hemp, and linen, is waterproof and easily cleaned adding to its durability.

Goyard Saint Louis GM Best Uses:

  • Travel Bag: It can easily store a laptop, another bag and accessories, or clothing items.
  • Beach Bag:  The waterproof material makes the Saint Louis perfect for a beach or pool setting. It can easily fit towels, sandals, and outdoor products.

Goyard Saint Louis PM Best Uses:

  • Everyday Bag: It can easily store a wallet, makeup bags, sunglasses, and keys with a little extra wiggle room.
  • Errand Bag: It can easily hold loose papers or a small notebook along with other daily essentials when you’re on the run.

Purchasing my tote from the Goyard mothership made for another extra special shopping memory in Paris. Follow #pursebopgoestoPARIS on IG.

Not to mention the savings buying it in France made it worthwhile to wait for my trip.

Goyard Saint Louis GM

Region Saint Louis GM
USA $1,795
Europe €1,200
VAT Refund (approx. 10%) - €120
Cost after VAT €1,080
USD Equivalent $1,170

Goyard Saint Louis PM

Region Saint Louis PM
USA $1,560
Europe €1,040
VAT Refund (approx. 10%) - €104
Cost after VAT €936
USD Equivalent $1,014



I had never seen the beautiful brown exterior packaging. I was only familiar with the yellow dust bag and tissue that came with our Barney’s PM tote for my sister. Snapped a few pictures while packing for my departure from Paris.




In deciding the ideal size for my needs I asked myself :

  • “when would I use this? “,
  • “what type of places would I take it? “,
  • “what would I need to be able to fit into my tote?”

My answers to my questions:

  • I would use it mostly for travel, road trips, likely shorter domestic flights as there is no zip
  • I could see myself taking it to FL, any beach vacation and somehow I envisioned warmer climates.
  • As the tote alone would never be my only handbag for travel, I carefully considered all the sizes of the other bags the tote would need carry.

Taking my Goyard GM tote on her maiden voyage to Washington DC. Accessories for the trip and tote contents: Birkin35, Smal Chanel Boy Bag, Hermes Shawl, New Hermes Leather Beret from the Paris H Sale.

Packing for Washington DC: the tote will make it’s maiden voyage fully loaded with my Lady B Vermillion Birkin (details here), Chanel boy bag (details here), Hermes shawl (details here), leather beret from the Hermes Paris sale (details here).


The birkin35 would be the largest handbag I would need to carry from my collection and it comfortably fits in the GM tote.


The B35 fits very comfortably in the Goyard GM tote.


Close -up of bag details. Hermes Vermillion Birkin35. GHW, Hermes So Black Rodeo Charm, Laduree Large Macaroon Key Charm.

Let’s do some Handbag Math…

Goyard Saint Louis GM Price in US: $1,795
Goyard Saint Louis GM Price in Europe: €1,200

Total Price in US: $1,795 + $184 (tax 10.25%) = $1,979 total
Total Price in Europe: €1,200 – €120 (VAT refund 10%) = €1,080 = $1,170 total
What I saved: $1,979 – $1,170 = $809 (~41% savings)


TSA check point, the birkin travels through security safely tucked into my GM tote.


Tote with birkin inside sits comfortably on the rolling carry-on. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport DCA.


Tote sitting safe in the seat in front of me. Chanel boy bag inside the birkin.

I think my next visit to France I might pick up the Anjou Reversible Tote in the PM size as a casual daily bag.  I really liked the leather lining, and it was a  fantastic option, but considerably pricier for a bag to  just carry another bag!

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Saint Laurent Classic Hunting Backpacks

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saint_laurent_classic-hunting-backpacksOne of Saint Laurent’s most affordable bags around, the Classic Hunting Backpack has become a style staple for the French house under the direction of Hedi Slimane, with new variations coming out every season. For S/S15, for example, we’re looking at theGabardine Camouflage (much like the No.4 we Singapore sons used to wear), a swirly print featuring both white angels and dragons, as well as a pair in Black or Red featuring a bandana print.

And then there’s the one that’s covered halfway with studs and perfect for those still gunning for that edgy punk-rock look. Available in a variety of materials (some come in cotton, others in nylon), the basic unisex backpacks (one zip pocket in front with the main compartment on the top) are all trimmed with leather for the touch of luxe. Priced from GBP575 and up, they should start turning up on the shelves of your local Saint Laurent soon enough. You just need to decide on which one it’ll be.

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Yves Saint Lauren is all about pure luxury, opulence and offers nothing but the finest things in life. A big international fashion name, YSL never fails to cater to women of different taste and caliber when it comes to the fashion scene. Whether you are an elegant chic, or the glamorous cover girl type, or the polished company’s manager or simply a rebel girl with a gypsy spirit, YSL has something to offer according to your style.

This Classic Baby Monogram leather and crochet shoulder bag will fit any personality especially those with a bohemian and hippie style thanks to its crocheted elements that lend a fun vibe to it. Made with love from Italy with the finest and smoothest calf leather, this Classic Baby Monogram bears the brand’s famous logo, the long tassels add a feminine punch to it while the gunmetal hardware gives that much needed heavy duty factor.

It also features a long chain shoulder strap which allows you to wear it cross body, has magnetic fastening for easy opening, has fabric line, slot pocket for you to store your essentials. It has the following dimensions: 4.5′ x 6.5′ x 2′ (H x W x D). 






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Saint Laurent Ligne Y Chain Wallet

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The first time I spotted this bag, I was literally blinded by its beauty. You have to look at this way, it’s one of Saint Laurent best wallet, embellished with a beautiful letter ‘Y’ on the front. And now they have added a chain on it, so you carry and flaunt it for the night-outs.
And of course, if you love the Chanel Wallet on Chain Collection, but you want some variation in your wardrobe (which is very healthy to do so), then this gorgeous is ready to go home with you.
The Saint Laurent Ligne Y Chain Wallet is literally like its name says: ‘as big as a wallet’, maybe a bit larger. Bit its flat, unlike the Chanel Wallet on Chain Halfmoon, which has surprisingly more space than we expect. The design is quite easy, but very classy and chic. The letter ‘Y’ really stands out and will help you steal the show effortlessly. The chains are thin and feminine, it’s very long so you can also carry it on your shoulder and swing the night. I really adore the golden hardware that fit perfectly with pink.
Measuring 8.75’ x 6’ x 1.5’ inches, this bag features a press-stud closure, you can find card slots, zippered coin pocket and a note compartment in the interior.



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