New Handbag Trend: Grommet Hardware

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I don’t know if this is a new trend or not, but I have noticed quite a few handbag designers decorating their bags with grommet hardware. I’m not talking about the grommets you see on drawstring bags. Those actually serve a function. I’m talking about grommets as fashionable hardware. Sort of like studs, but more kooky than edgy. Like studs, grommets come in all shapes and sizes.

With more and more grommeted handbags making an appearance, it is difficult to know if they are here to stay. I don’t know quite how I feel about them yet. However, for the time being, let’s take a look at some currently available styles!

Alexander McQueen Grommeted Padlock Satchel Bag 
Alexander McQueen Grommeted Padlock Satchel.
Leave it to Alexander McQueen to make grommets beautiful. The different shapes and sizes arranged tightly together in a flower-like pattern make this piece look like a work of art. Talk about adding interest to an already iconic style!

Proenza Schouler Grommeted PS1 Satchel Bag 
Proenza Schouler Grommeted PS1 Satchel 
No one said grommets have to be exclusively silver or gold tone. This interesting-looking piece features some red and black grommets thrown into the mix. They really pop against the white background for a truly playful look!

Lanvin Grommeted Mini Sugar Suede Crossbody Bag 
Lanvin Grommeted Mini Sugar Suede Crossbody 
Tiny grommets arranged in neat little rows give this bag an almost perforated look. The silver tone grommets contrast nicely with the tan suede too!

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Dior launched a new Lady Dior handbag bag boutique in Seoul

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Designed by the architect Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino decor new Dior Dior boutique grand opening in Seoul, Korea. Take this opportunity, the store’s VIP salon gallery will hold a named Lady Dior As Seen By enlightening exhibition, a special exhibit Seon Ghi Bahk, Jung Pyo Hong and Oh You Kyeong the three Korean artist completed three new works.

With its distinctive personality, history and structured sleek lines, Lady Dior has naturally become the best art exhibition’s theme. Since 2011, the brand’s iconic handbags after a global interpretation of the artist’s personality has become a exquisite and unique works of art. By the interpretation of the works of these artists will be on display at the Lady Dior As Seen By enlightenment during the exhibition. This exhibition has been in China, Japan and Italy to great acclaim, and is now successfully entered South Korea in Seoul, a great debut in the brand new boutique salon on the 5th floor of the VIP gallery. Visitors can be in this space, the freedom to explore the creative world of artists. They launched a bold imagination, with photography, sculpture and other art forms of alternative reproduction iconic handbag.

The artist Olympia Scarry transparent glass to create a new Lady Dior handbag bag, theatrical design work resembles a fossilized crocodile head, Patrick Demarchelier is furnished with a unique photography scene, in addition, you can also Nan Goldin and enjoy David Lynch’s masterpiece.

To celebrate The House of Dior boutique grand opening, three Korean artists also joined the exhibition team: in Jung Poy Hong’s hands, This classic handbag transformed into a delicate soft sculpture; Seon Ghi Bahk carbon material and gold leaf ingenious mix, creating a delicate art world; Oh You Kyeong was the brand’s iconic masterpiece to create a unique geometry to make it even more perfect silhouette. For all artists, this bag is worthy of an inexhaustible source of inspiration to take.



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Blue 35cm Hermes Kelly Replica Handbag Review

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Lets’ try something different today; what do you say about an electric blue bag? Spring is coming and I feel the need of color. The Hermes Kelly bag is a ravishing purse that’s worth all the money and all our attention. And I think that it is the perfect choice for me to feel in my spring color needs.

Blue 35cm Hermes Kelly

I have not bought the Hermes Kelly 35 cm replica bag for me, I bought it for one of my friends as a surprise gift but by the time her birthday came I have noticed that she already received one from her boyfriend. I was upset then but I managed to find another beautiful present for her so things went back to normal. Fortunately for me I ended up with this beautiful blue Hermes Kelly bag I am going to review today.

When I say it is blue, I really mean blue. I don’t think I have ever seen in my life such a bright and beautiful blue color. The Hermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag has a very nice structure, the leather is firm and the bag can perfectly stand on its own. In the same time it is smooth and soft and it feels really nice touching it. Exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly bag, the hardware is yellow gold. It shines very nice and it does not have any imperfections. The stitching pattern is good. The spaces between the stitches are even and there are no imperfections there. But even if there were, it shouldn’t be considered a very big problem as all the Hermes bags are hand sewn so they shouldn’t look like they machine type ones.

The lock and the key look really nice, they make the bag look really safe, but it not. These accessories are just for show, they just look nice, the bag can be opened very easy by simply sticking in a safety pin. You don’t even have to twist, you can just push the safety pin inside and it pops. The engravings are good, they are clean and visible and also present in all the correct places. I like very much how the zippers work, they run smooth with no catching. At the end of the zippers there is the correct “H” ending them, exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly. The handle is short and sturdy and the leather has the same color like the bag. It also has a long strap that can make the bag more comfortable but I think it looks much better without it attached. The inside of theHermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag is made from a different type of leather, it is still blue but it is soft and it doesn’t look very good. It looks quite cheap and unfinished. The good thing is that nobody but me is able to see it. It has a pocket inside and one zipper that don’t look as good as the ones on the exterior.

I like the Hermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag very much even if it is not 1:1 to the original. Overall it is a good quality bag that has a great color and very nice exterior aspect. If you have more questions regarding it please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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2015 was a bit of a whirlwind for me and to be honest I don't even know how it came and went so quickly. I was reviewing my 2015 handbag resolutions and can say I did stick to majority of my five resolutions. I had the hardest time changing my bag out, I just get so used to carrying a specific bag and if I don't change as much as I should.

Prada Bag

I've done a much better job carrying my nice bags, like my Birkins, without babying the bag too much. And one aspect that I really did a better job with this year was cleaning out the contents of my bag. I ended up buying some pouches to put items in and then I can just throw them in the next bag and get moving.

The biggest thing I can share with you about my handbag collection last year is that I didn't buy a new bag. I know, let that sink in for a second. I did not go out and buy a new bag for my collection. There were plenty of bags I wanted but I never pulled the trigger and all of a sudden the year passed and I didn't get a new bag. I was sent gifts by a couple brands, so I didn't end up completely without a new bag, but overall it was a zero bag purchase year for me.

It's funny to even say that out loud and know that I founded a site all about handbags. But over the years I've become very particular about my bag purchases and I end up thinking and rethinking what I want and if I really need it. That means my bag resolutions this year are a bit different, with my ever evolving love of bags and change in wants, it's important to keep that in mind when making handbag resolutions. Share your 2016 handbag resolutions with me below!

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This Tote is Louis Vuitton’s Most Expensive Leather Handbag Ever

Louis Vuitton


During my most recent perusal of Louis Vuitton’s new arrivals on the brand’s website, I came across something that shocked even me: a crocodile version of the beautiful new Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag, retailing for a mind-boggling $55,500. I have a couple questions, including, why couldn’t they leave off the $500 and make it a nice, round number?

My other major question was whether or not this is Louis Vuitton’s most expensive handbag of all time, and according to my research, it’s not. The Richest counts two special edition Louis Vuitton minaudieres at more than $100,000 apiece, but neither was made out of traditional handbag materials, so that seems like cheating. When you narrow the list down to regular handbags, the most expensive representative of which I can find record is the Dora PM in crocodile, which is close (but no cigar) at $50,000 currently; the most expensive previous version of the bag was $54,500. This bag, in my humble opinion, is leaps and bounds more beautiful than that one.

With that in mind, I’m comfortable declaring this bag the brand’s most expensive leather offering of all time, and for the most powerful luxury brand in the world, that’s worth noting. Louis Vuitton has been ramping up its leather and exotic offerings for years in an effort to charm the world’s wealthiest shoppers, and it seems clear this model is meant to compete head-on with the ultra-rare, ultra-expensive exotic versions of the Hermès Birkin. Someone had to take on that iconic bag eventually, and there’s perhaps no one more qualified than Nicolas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton.

Check out the bag for yourself at Louis Vuitton; to purchase, you’ll have to have your people call their people.

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Everything about Coach Kristin Replica Handbag

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Coach is one of the most loved and well-known brands in the world. Everybody like their bags, men and women, we are all crazy about them. We all recognize their logo and there are millions of people that continue to support them season after season, year after year. Coach was at first, in 1941 a family run workshop established in New York, Manhattan, bun in a very short period of time it became renowned for its style and for the quality of the products. The Company was expanding every year and this is the reason for which we are expecting new beautiful lines every season.

coach kristin line

The Coach Kristin line is special for not having the Coach Signature logo. It is a clean line, it has a lot of the Coach qualities but it doesn’t have the Signature. For this line they used soft and elegant colors like: shades of coral, pink, ivory, and burnished amber. These bags seem simple, effortless, but they are not, there is actually a lot of work involved in creating these beautiful bags. There is not just simple leather; these bags have different finishes for each dimension and shape, they have fresh color blocking, embossed exotics, and rich glazed leather.

coach kristin 1

Besides the beautiful colors, the Coach Kristin replica bags is truly unique due to the very interesting and unique fashionable chain link straps. Some of the chains are an alternative between pewter and gold and others have a tortoiseshell-like finish. All the bags in this collection have a sleek turnlock closure that amplifies its beautiful aspect. This is the line that shows there is a lot more to say when it comes to the Coach collections.

coach kristin 2

I cannot tell you how much I love the Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote. The embossed camel leather, the wonderful colors and the shape of this bag really took my soul and my mind. It is an all-purpose bag; you can wear it to the office, to the market, when you have a girl’s night out, or when you just want to get a cup of coffee with your best friend to chat about what happened last evening. The double top handles are accompanied by a chain-link strap and front pouch. If you think about getting one you should know that the price starts from $698 for the green zip top tote model and it gets to $1000 for the embossed version.

coach kirtin 4

What I really like about this Coach Kristin replica bag collection is the way they combined the differing embossed leather details with a subtle palette of colors. They are soft, nicely shaped and just perfect to complete your daily outfit.

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