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If there’s one thing Céline is famous for (well, besides making RTW women can’t resist and elevating humble footwear like skate sneakers to a whole new level), it’s their bags which are almost always original creations that have become icons in their own right. From the Classic and the Luggage to the Trapeze and even those first generation Cabas totes, they were (and still are) all hits the day they were launched.

In other words, whenever you’re looking for a new bag (or in a vicinity of a Céline boutique), you walk in for a look, no questions asked. And while you’re there, do check out the Twisted Cabas that was launched with theFall-Winter 2015 collection. A year and a half on, it’s still very on-trend, a generously shaped wide-mouthed day bag that tapers down into an envelope bottom.

Constructed with the supplest of calfskins, it’s soft and surprisingly lightweight, especially when you consider the fact that it’s entirely made of leather. Topped with a flat handle that’s also pretty wide (which also means it won’t slip off your shoulder that easily), the reason it looks twisted is due to its intentional off-centred position of the handle, a design quirk that’s so uniquely Céline.


Available in a Large size (which I own and might I add, love), today’s focus falls solely on the Small sizes from S/S17 collection that come in a variety of contrasting colour combinations that are truly irresistible (click here to see them all online via Céline). Priced at SGD2800 apiece, the 37 cm by 26.5 cm shoulder bag will become your favourite day-to-day carryall, because you’ll quite literally be able to carry all (and then some) in this beautiful little number.

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Balenciaga Cabas M and Cabas S Leather-Trimmed Canvas Totes: Label Conscious

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Is Balenciaga attempting to usher in a new era of label-flashing? Looks like they’re at least giving it a go. I have mixed feeling about these new Cabas totes. On the one hand, a simplistic logo set on beige canvas and trimmed with black leather is so modest and pared-down, it’s chic. On the other hand, a simplistic logo on beige canvas reminds me of a perfume-bottle label, a freebie tote, or a shopping bag (or maybe all three).

Then again, the Cabas M, oversized and angular, and the Cabas S , smaller with bolder strips of black accents, both make for decent ways to get your designer fix without breaking the bank. That’s why I’m leaning towards yes, as long as they’re worn in the right context. Made in Italy and inspired by the sea and sailboats, either of these will make for a breezy beach bag, discreet gym tote, or easy-access carryon. Just carry it casually, and keep the rest of your labels on the hush-hush. Cabas M toteicon, $865, and Cabas S tote, $795, both available on NET-A-PORTER.

Pair with: Capture the feel of St. Tropez in the summer with Tomas Maier’s lace-up espadrilles. In all-black, you can wear these from city streets right to the sandy beach.

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