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The four big Fashion Weeks in London, Milan, New York and, of course, Paris, gave us directions on what types of bags to wear this season. Down the runway, it was all about backpacks and all that is related to ‘travel-chic’, bags that match perfectly with your outfit, bags that have words and writing on them, messenger bags, brightly colored bags, bags with metallic chains, and handbags with added prints and graphics. They all look beautiful but, unfortunately, they are not very animal friendly. So here’s a list of environment and animal-friendly bags to replace them with while also keeping with the trend.

cruelty free fashion by my beauty bunny#1. Backpacks and ‘travel chic’. Yes, backpacks are a must this season. They’re fun, spacious, comfortable and full of young vibrations. This year saw the return of the hard case as well, so it’s all about traveling in style. Our favorite designers have added beautiful and creative backpacks to their collections, to make sure every fashionista out there stays trendy even in the rainiest of falls and coldest of winters.

But alternatives are numerous and you can find beautiful vegan backpacks everywhere. They can be made of the classic canvas, felt, PVC or even faux leather if you really want to go the extra mile and keep it in trend. Your choices are limitless and all you need is a bit of creativity. There are even tutorials out there on how to make your own backpack, using old jeans, if you prefer a denim one. Or you could also hit the streets with a classic canvas backpack, like the one I found on Serbags.

#2. Perfectly matched bags. There’s this old rule most of us tried to adhere to: matching your bag to your shoes or your scarf. Well, hold on tight, because this season, designers such as Valentino, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang and Tommy Hilfiger went with creative variations on this rule. And, luckily for vegans, these variations benefit greatly. Because most of these bags, in order to match the outfit perfectly, have been made out of the same materials, such as cotton, linen, acrylic, or other non-animal materials. This is great, because it means you can wear the bags right off the runway.

#3. Bags with words. The one who started the trend this year is none other than the ever playful Moschino, with their graffiti writings on suitcases. Vivienne Westwood joined in the game quickly and added not only words, but exclamation marks to her designs, because she really felt your bag needs to make a point. The easiest way to replicate this “verbal” design is to wear nice and creative tote bags. They are fun, can be found everywhere, go with almost anything and are really cheap. So they will make for a very good addition to your closet this fall.

cruelty free fashion by my beauty bunny
Photo Credit: Slipstitch Designs: Flickr

#4. Messenger Bags. These ones belong to the ‘traveling trend’ which is so hot right now, along with the backpacks and the hard cases. They usually come in leather, indeed, but that’s not mandatory if you want to keep vegan. There are other options, such messenger bags made of denim, canvas, faux leather and even recycled ones, made from used coffee bean bags. If you need a bit of inspiration, the big designers sporting messenger bags on the runways this season are Misha Nonoo, Emilio Pucci, Chanel & Sass and Bide.

cruelty free fashion by my beauty bunny
#5. Brightly colored bags. The runways were filled with them this season, because the trend is all about color and having fun. We are naturally drawn to the beautiful colors, and Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Valentino made sure we got what we came for. Most of them were leather and some were fur, so we’ll need to find vegan-friendly replacements. Luckily, it’s not difficult. We just need to find some boldly colored, mostly orange, because that was the color of choice on the catwalks, small handbags. Matt and Nat fit the description perfectly with this bright and beautiful faux leather handbag that looks good enough to eat.

#6. Metallic chains. Another element heavily present on this season’s runways were metallic chains attached to handbags. Like I previously mentioned, it’s all about having fun this autumn and adding some metal detailing to cookie handbags is one of the best ways to go. Metal chains have always looked good against the skin and that is one of the reasons they’re still in use today. There’s also a sense of glamour and luxury about them because they remind one of precious metal jewelry. And this is exactly what houses like Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Elie Saab, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren and the list could go on, have banked on. Yes, it’s a big trend and the list is actually so long it seems like everyone sported at least one bag with metallic chains on it.

Matt and Nat Cork Ohara Bag

#7. Handbags with added prints and graphics. And I’m talking crazy, crazy prints, images, logos or even handbags shaped like different ordinary objects. We need to return to funky Moschino for an example and we can pick their boom box purse, with graffiti on it. However, if you want to keep vegan and also, if you’re not keen on carrying an ’80s boom box with you around town, but you still want to keep it funky, here are some other purses you might find interesting. There’s the small cassette player bag, instead of the big boom box. This might be the perfect replacement, actually. It’s virtually the same thing, but on a smaller scale and animal friendly. We also have the pepperoni pizza slice and the turquoise telephone shaped one, both perfect for dates.

The runway was filled with fund and funky bags this year, but unfortunately (and as usual) few were vegan. But all that is needed to beat the leather and fur trend is a bit of creativity and a lot of research.

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When she’s not working on her fashion degree, Dana Hughes is going on long walks, taking photos of any small and beautiful detail that captures city life. She’s a complete science-fiction addict and has a Chihuahua named Red and a superbly indifferent cat called, ironically, Kiss.


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Bags from the Marques'Almeida, Gucci and Mansur Gavriel spring 2016 collections. Photos: Imaxtree (left and center) and Mansur Gavriel
Bags from the Marques'Almeida, Gucci and Mansur Gavriel spring 2016 collections. Photos: Imaxtree (left and center) and Mansur Gavriel

Another fashion month is officially in the books, and we're taking stock of the spring fashion season to come. We've pulled out the , the , what the  and the pieces Fashionista's editors are. Next on our list are the best spring bags — a tough category this season due to outstanding styles presented by the usual suspects, like Gucci, Valentino and Dior, and new shapes from designers relatively new to the category, like Altuzarra and Marques'Almeida.

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Christian Louboutin So Pretty Pumps

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What attracted me to this shoe is its name, ‘So Pretty’. What is So Pretty? Well, it’s true to its name and Christian Louboutin has done it again, a beautiful new pump for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

Spring Summer 2015 Collection? I know its weird, launching the Summer Collection in the middle of the winter season, but it’s better to be ahead of the curve than not. These pumps will be available on the end of January next year, so you still need to wait a little bit longer.

Anyways, what’s so intriguing about the So Pretty Pumps? Well, it’s incorporated with sophisticated technique of laser-cut ‘Lace Leather’. And it’s crafted with white patent leather, adorned with silver mini glitter. The heels are 12mm and the mint suede is fort he lover of handcrafted luxury.


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Gucci Button Sandals

For women who hardheadedly refuse to be anything but successful, here’s a single unsolicited advice: all you need is a good pair of shoes that will make you feel on top of the world. Well, here’s the good part ladies, Gucci’s button sandals will give you just that. Walk the walk and talk the talk with this high-heeled sandals that comes in patent leather and leather style that will make you regret not owning it. With two styles that you can choose from: black patent leather and black leather, feel effortlessly beautiful and sophisticated in no time. This shoe product from Gucci features leather material with straps and button details for that extra flirty yet funky feel.

It also boasts of mother-of-pearl GG buttons that makes them more captivating and appealing. It also has back zip closure for easy wearing and features 4.5” heel that adds sexiness to it. This pair of high-heeled sandals is made for walking whether at a gala, soiree or for that sexy Saturday date you’ve been waiting for. Feel in charge of the situation and own this beauty! It retails for $995 USD, available via Gucci boutique


Gucci Button Sandals


Gucci Button Sandals


Gucci Button Sandals



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Giuseppe Zanotti Top 10 Sneakers For Men

Let me introduce you into the world of the sometimes weird, but always wonderful Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers collection. With some of the most elaborate designs to grace our feet available today, but be warned these are not for the shy wallflowers when it comes to clothing choices. Giuseppe Zanotti’s footwear collection is bold and beautiful and designed to be shown off as often as possible with dramatic effect.

With various styles available, from high tops to low and a multitude of extravagant material types used from velvet to Swarovski crystals, there’s a wide range of details that will have a shock and awe effect leaving unsuspecting bystanders mesmerised by the artwork on your feet. Every pair of sneakers is made in Italy for that unsurpassed craftsmanship which oozes quality from every perfectly constructed shoe. So, here are our top 10 sneakers fromGiuseppe Zanotti here on Fashion Runway.

 Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Embellished Velvet Sneakers

Starting off we have this spectacular pair of high tops, sporting beautiful velvet panelling and swarovski embellished velcro straps. One for the more daring among you.

Giuseppe Zanotti V-Strap High Top Sneakers

A wonderfully futuristic pair of high tops, with sleek lines and gold panelling including a stand out V-strap decoration across the laces.

Giuseppe Zanotti Metal Chain Leather Sneakers

With a large red metal chain across the front of the shoe as the centre piece, this is another unique high top from the Italian brand. With every detail in a fiery red, it’s sure to warm up the coming months.

Giuseppe Zanotti Grey Metallic Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Leather Zipped Low Trainers

A rather subtle pair of sneakers, but no less fantastic. With a glistening metallic grey leather and zip detailing they will still liven up any outfit.

Giuseppe Zanotti Croc Embossed High Top Sneakers

These could be considered a classic in the Zanotti Sneaker collection, being a frequent edition in every season, but you can see why. Vibrant white with croc embossing and gold detailing, a perfect everyday pair.

Giuseppe Zanotti Bangle Nappa Leather High Top Sneakers

Bold in blue these super soft nappa leather high top sneakers would be a great addition to any footwear collection. With velcro straps and multiple zip detailing.

Giuseppe Zanotti Large Plate Strap High Top Sneakers

Featuring a silver stud embellished gold plate on the front against the jet black colouring of the leather. This sneaker is another head turner that will get people talking.

Giuseppe Zanotti Calvino London Low Top Metallic Sneakers

Breathtaking blue with a metallic sheen, you will simply sparkle walking the streets this fall when you adorn your feet with these Zanotti Sneakers.

Giuseppe Zanotti Bangle Velvet And Patent High Top Sneakers

Striking in black and gold with metal plaque straps combined with velvet and a patent leather outer, these are a fabulous pair of high tops when you want your feet to shine.

Giuseppe Zanotti Multi Strap High Top Sneakers

Saving one of the most outlandish until last, with a red leather padded look and wraparound black straps with gold clasping. Don’t miss this pair if you want to be the talk of the town.

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