PurseForum Roundup – April 1

2016-4-3 fashion Other Brands

Happy First Day of April! This week on our tour through the PurseForum, we visited the Wardrobe for finds and bargains (and found plenty). We also dropped into the Jewelry Box, Célineand Chloé, so come on along and join us. This is an April Fools Day safe zone.


We hope you know that PurseForum is much more than reveals of new bags. While that is a huge part of what we love, we also have scads of other topics and conversations going on around the clock. Our General Shopping subforum is something of a catch-all for everything-beyond-bags shopping, and we just know you will benefit from a visit to this treasure trove of bargain hunting.

In Nordstrom Rack Finds, pecknnibble posted these Christian Louboutins she found for a fraction of the original price. And while not in mint condition, these shoes are perfect for the right occasion (provided the right occasion is a wedding, of course). This thread has new finds every day and will surely inspire you to get out there and “find” your own.


General Shopping is also the home of our Secondhand Bargains thread. This thread’s regulars are always at the top of their game when it comes to hunting out the best thrift store and resale finds. They share their best bargains regularly, so prepare to be amazed at scores like this Valentino dress LuxeDeb found for $20. That is just one of many wonderful deals we found, and our hats are off to the dedicated shoppers here.


Purses and shoes usually take center stage on the PurseForum, but we also have an absolutely wonderful collection of Jewelry destinations for every taste and budget. Cartier, Tiffany and venerable Van Cleef and Arpels each have their own special spots for fans to discuss purchases, get help with choices and share their collections. The Jewelry Box houses everything else, and we do mean everything!


This week in Cartier, myfirstchanel got her first Cartier. She shared her new ring in this threadand treated us to a reveal of the entire pretty package! BethC also posted her incredible collectionin Van Cleef and Arpels, and fans of the brand swooned en masse.


Of course many members got new bags this week, and we thought you would enjoy a quick peek at a few of them. Chloe-babe found a new Chloé Faye in a very nice dove grey called Motty Grey. We have a whole thread in Chloé all about this cute bag, so if it is on your wish list, stop in here to get the intel you need.


The Marcie makes an appearance quite often on the PurseForum, and Louliu71 selected classic black for her first Chloé. This is a mini Marcie crossbody, and you will want to check out Louliu’s thread to see the lovely stitching details on this popular design.

Celine Nano

VintageShoes80 picked up a jaw-dropping Céline tri-color Nano; we just love this color combination. We also have an interesting conversation in Céline that may be applicable to your favorite brand: “Who are these ‘they’ people…” delves into the issue of who decides which styles are out, and which are still “in,” and, of course, whether we should be listening to them at all.


Despite producing amazing bags, Tod’s is a pretty quiet subforum, but this week we found a brand new Flower Bag in the thread dedicated to this line. Our (charmingly named) member2FlyingYorkies picked up this bauble-covered bag in a great color, and even from here you can see that this leather is just magnificent. If you love leather, check out jellyv’s bag from earlier this year; her thread also includes a nice review of her new bag.


Thank you for joining us. We hope April brings you plenty of joy and opportunities to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We will be right here next week with another Roundup to share, and hope to see you then! In the meantime, have some cake!

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