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Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Crocodile Leather Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $9,650 USD

Louis Vuitton is a brand we all love, just because they have a lot of amazing designs to offer. We’re going to emphasize the luxury house’s fashion status even more with their line of Twist Chain Wallets. This piece in particular is one of the new designs commissioned as creative director Nicolas Ghesquière took over. They’re truly bringing in their ‘A’-game, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for all of us! Let’s all take a look.


How exotic can a Twist Chain get? This crocodile leather baby is everything! It is adorned with gold hardware and chain, which contrasts the exterior beautifully. With six credit card slots, one flat zipped coin pocket and a large compartment inside, you’ll never ever doubt this classic stunner again.


Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Python Leather Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $1,910 USD

Crocodile coming off too strong for you? Let this white python stunner be your signature piece! It still boasts of the same functionalities as the croc piece above.


Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Epi Denim Leather Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $1,620 USD, €1,100 EUR

Epi Denim is a bombshell, don’t you think? This blue wonder is made with cowhide leather, with grained calf leather lining. Palladium hardware gives this bag an added shine, on top of its no-nonsense functionality.


Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Epi Azteque Leather Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $1,840 USD, €1,250 EUR

Inspired by Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection, this Epi Azteque beauty is as practical as it can get! It also shares the same functionality with the Crocodile Leather variation (plus one inside flat pocket), but instead of gold, it has a long, silver metallic chain. How cool is that?


Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Graphic Print Leather Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $1,910 USD, €1,300 EUR

Get this – the chain and hardware on this thing is mat black! Well, the Graphic Print variation is something that’s edgy and classy at the same time. Like the other two, it is also super functional and stylish!

All of these pieces bear the signature Twist turn-lock, an architectural, eye-catching design element you should watch out for. Get your very own Twist Chain Wallet now via Louis Vuitton online boutique.


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Hermès Ghillies Kelly Long Wallet


hermes_ghillies-kelly-long-walletTrust Hermès to come up with something so adorable that only they can get away with. From the world of Hermès comes Kawaiiii!, the French luxury house’s take on the cutest of animated characters to promote (and I’m guessing) their latest additions which include bags and SLGs in new colour combinations.

Most naturally, the first thing to catch my eye is this: the Hermès Ghillies Kelly Long Wallet which has to be prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long while, especially when presented in the softest of pinks that’s simply irresistible. Priced in the SGD4000 toSGD5000 range (I honestly can’t keep up anymore with all the annual price increments), while it’s not the easiest wallet to get into (and use), it is by far one of the most gorgeous yet.

And before I go on non-stop about how much I need such a wallet in my life, check out the cute animation for yourself (it also features the Constance, the Plume and other bits and bobs) online via this link. Kawaii!

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Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Paris Fashion Week


Skulls, angel wings, wolves, butterflies and goodness knows what else Zadig & Voltaire’s creative director Cecilia Bonstrom would contrive to add to their rock ’n’ roll inspired cutting edge garments that could so masterfully synthesize casualness and luxury to bring about a brand new “casual luxury” style that was soon to become the best-loved pieces of many young ladies. The creative director of the French fashion house has recently presented the Zadig & Voltaire spring/summer 2016 collection that again feels pretty feminine and masculine at the same time, the exact pieces to slip into as you get out of bed and head to run your everyday errands.

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Several seasons in a row Cecilia Bonstrom has been zealously playing with vivid colors, trying to marry the brand’s signature black, white and brown colors with racy shades of yellow, blue and pink. Frankly speaking, we were quite contended to see our favorite brand being showered by a colorful rain. However, to all appearances the gothic colors proved to be uncompromising and the new Zadig & Voltaire spring 2016 collection features only one particular saturated color – a brink pink pantsuit with tiny star-like motifs on it. The rest of the separates are purely and in toto Zadig & Voltaire.

Over and over again we are in anticipation to feel those natural and cushy cashmere, leather, cotton and washed silk on our bodies. White cotton shirts with puffed sleeves and the same material baby doll dresses look ideal when paired with the brand’s signature fringed brown leather jackets or brown casual blazers. One of the white shirts paired with leopard leggings could have caught many leopard-python-fancier girls’ attention if not Cecilia’s fresh new offering to cast aside those slinky leggings and pay attention to those scandalous brown-white leather panty-style shorts with shoulder straps and crisscross laces that are being twins with the same texture ankle boots.

These new style boots with tiny square heels are really effective complements to the brand’s whole bunch of biker boots. Some military vibes are wondering through Zadig & Voltaire’s rock ’n’ roll style getting in shape through a camo print boxer jacket or an olive green one tied nonchalantly at the model’s waist over a brown handkerchief dress. Denim pieces are in full swing with tattered hems and unique embroideries on them.

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The brown leather dungarees and the lovely ice-cream patches used on the denim pieces forcefully bring back childish memories featuring one of the most typical samples of urban life, and if there is the sun burning, your head is sure to be protected and styled with those fedora, derby hats and Gavroche caps that our favorite Zadig & Voltaire is proposing to us. Round-shaped clutches with multiple fringes cascading down, especially the vermillion one could become a part of this season’s must-haves despite being too micro to lodge anything essential. Last but not least, for spring Zadig & Voltaire has a fruitful message to you – keep peace, love and let your angel wings grow freely!

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Kirsten Dunst Chooses Inventive Ferragamo Sandals for “Fargo” Premiere

Designer Shoes


Here’s Kirsten Dunst, attending the second season premiere of Fargo in Hollywood Wednesday night. She’s wearing a stunning leather Proenza Schouler ensemble paired with a sculptural pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Art Deco Sandals. Kirsten’s stacked heel sandals are available exclusively through Salvatore Ferragamo’s Beverly Hills boutique.

The Salvatore Ferragamo website seems to indicate that these sandals are currently out of stock, but you can keep your eye on Salvatore Ferragamo for updates, or simply give the boutique a ring at 310-273-9990 for by-the-minute restock info. You can also find a completely different, yet equally opulent Art Deco-inspired Salvatore Ferragamo sandal for $1,950

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The Hottest Celebrity Trend To Wear Now – Denim on Denim


Celebrities have been spotted in the denim on denim trend lately from model off-duty looks onKendall Jenner, to an effortless errands look on Dakota Fanning. For the ultimate upgrade to the Canadian tuxedo, Wild Blue Denim has covered all the hottest trends for FW15 with options to find your own contemporary denim look.

Wild Blue Denim launches in rue21 stores+online in November at the low price point of $29.99 for denim with transformational ‘power stretch’ technology for comfortability, and ‘bum booster’ effect for form enhancing wear.

Dakota Fanning and Gabrielle in union denim skirt + denim top Wild Blue Denim

Dakota Fanning and Gabrielle Union both rock the denim skirt + denim top look in their unique ways. Wild Blue’s variety of denim skirts + denim tops replicates the look to perfectly accentuate your unique style.

See also the stunning look of Sadie Robertson for Wild Blue Denim’s Latest Lookbook.

Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner sport an off-duty sexy casual look wearing Wild Blue Denim

Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner both sport an off-duty contemporary Canadian tuxedo look while out-and-about. Wild Blue’s denim top + variety of slim fitting pants help you get the look exactly right.

The brand has collaborated with reality TV star Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty and Dancing With The Stars) for their exclusive Holiday 2015 & SS16 collections as well, and the young star says that denim is just her style, favoriting the high-waisted styles.

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Best Street Style Looks


The Paris Fashion Week spring 2016 has also been edging close to an end and we have to say that we are going to miss all these awesome shows happening once they are fully done! We adore seeing all the latest from our favourite designers, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, checking out the talents behind the Houses and really getting to know the up and coming budding designers who have the ability to rock our worlds with their creative minds. From New York to Milan, London to Paris, we have watched the styles happening and we have fallen in love with the street styles often more than the actual trends displayed on the runways. When it comes to the Paris Fashion Week spring 2016 street style, we knew that we would be expecting something crazier, in line with the totally French look and that is exactly what we got.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

The gods of fashion were good to us and the first three days have been stellar in terms of the looks, the bohemian and otherwise that take over the sidewalks and everything about it. It may be October already but Paris is a sunny city, albeit the cool winds have set in. Most all have opted to add layers to their ensembles as they attend the shows, though some still think we are in the throes of summer it seems.

It is the cashmere coat that grabs our attention for it is perfect for the autumn crisp air. They come in wraparound styles, belted at the waist, in cape coat designs with the billowing sleeves and the gorgeous double buttoned style, matched up with laced up knee high boots. They come in ensembles of high waist side button trousers and ruffled white shirts, looks reminiscent of old Europe, though there are those who switch up the cashmere with a nice drench that falls to below the knees.

Some of the looks we see on the streets include corded knit sweaters, both short and in the guise of dresses. We see pleated skirts that are either of tougher material or gauzy and fluttering in the wind, falling higher against the knees or lower to wrap around the calves. We see gorgeous boyish looks with ties to amplify the professional attire, while prints in animal and floral make their way into skirts and tops in order to add a burst of color to often otherwise dark outfits. We are particularly fond of the snakeskin and the leopard, while the more subtle flowery appeal on pants and skirts is much more fitting to our tastes.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Long sleeved bodysuits come into play as well, while we are generally in love with the high waists on everything from denim to skinny pants. It is the ‘70s that come out to play with the suede and the cowgirl shirts, while we see touches of traditional Japanese looks peeking through here and there. Large rounded sunglasses and pretty little handled handbags appear on the streets with gusto, while wacky looking clutches are a common enough sight. Add fringe to everything from handbags to the clothing and you have the Paris Street looks captured to the tee.

The ‘70s reigned stronger here on the Paris streets than anywhere else to date. This included leather miniskirts and leather bomber jackets. It included suede pants and suede sweaters. There were lace up boots and nude colored stiletto sandals. We saw a whole lot of fringe as well on the clutches and the jackets, while furry additions to the bags themselves caught our attention. We have rounded sunglasses as well as cat eyes, but it was the high waist denim that did us in. Between the cashmere coats and corded knit sweaters, we were in for a treat. Add a few ponchos here and there, suede skirts and culottes appearing with ankle boots and we have ourselves one of the better more fashionable street style collections yet!

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style Looks

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